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How to fat loss?

Nowaday fat loss a big trouble for every individuals. You have seen people sweating in the gym but due to wrong technique they never loss the fat.To loss the fat, people reduce food intake but yet they never loss weight.
You have seen such ads will be on social media, in which you are told to reduce fat in 7 days.
People join the gym to reduce fat but even there they do planks, crunches and the rest of the exercise and think that their fat will be reduced but still they have to be disappointed.

If you have also faced all these problems then today’s article is specially for you.

Today we will tell you some important points to reduce fat, which you will definitely be able to loss your fat by following:

1. Calories deficit diet

Calories deficit diet for fat loss

Calorie deficit diet means that you consume fewer calories than you required in a day. Because if you consume less calories then your body will take the rest of the calories from fat which is stored in your body.

Q. How to find out the required calories of your body?

Here is a link, with the help of this you will know that how much required calories of your body and how much to burn daily.

In this calculator, you have to fill your age, gender, height, weight and activity level and then click on the calculate button.
Now the calories in front of the maintain weight will be your approx required calories of the day.

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2. Exercise

weight lifting exercise for fat loss

Usually you must have seen many videos on the internet to reduce belly fat. Such as plank, abdominal crunches and many more exercises releted to abdomen. But do you know only abdominal exercises are not helpful for reducing belly fat.

Q. Which exercise is helpful to reduce belly fat?

The actual reason behind exercising is that it is helpful in burning your extra calories.
Some exercises given below are helpful in burning your extra calories.

  1. Heavy weight lifting: weight lifting is the better option to reduce fat. Lifting heavy weight with high reps help you to loss much fat and maintain muscle mass.
  2. Cardio: Cardio is helpful in burning your extra calories.

Q. How much exercise is necessary for fat loss?

Usually this question will come in everyone’s mind that how much exercise we need to do daily so that we can loss fat.
You have to set your goal in such a way that you have to burn more calories (approx 100) than maintenance calories in first fifteenth days.After fifteenth days you have to increase your exercise level and burn more calories (approx 200) than first fifteenth days. 
Similarly, you have to increase your level of burn calories after every 15 days until you get your desired body weight

3. Water intake

water intake for fat loss

Water keeps you hydrated. it’s very helpful for fat loss. Water is 100% calorie free and suppress appetite so our stomach full for long time. It work by flushing out excsss fatty acids from your body.4-5 liter (for women) and 6-7 liter (for men) of water required daily for loss fat.